Khloe Kardashian Is Cuban

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I dont care want anyone says about Khloe Kardashian. To any red-blooded Cuban with a pair of testicles, Khloe esta buena con cojones! Kendall Jenner, who seems to be everyone’s paja mental lately, pales in comparison to this glorious example of una mujerona. Esta pa meterle una mordida. Forget it, if I get a hold of her, i’m wifing her …

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How To Be Un Bofe vol.1

Pepe Billete Humor

Justin Bieber was deposed yesterday here in Miami for the incident that occurred on the beach last… whenever. The thing about the case is that La Justin could have easily won most people back on his side if he had just turned down the “pesao” 2 or 3 notches while he was being deposed. Recently, GPS records were released showing that …

Rihanna and Drake on stage in Paris

Rihanna and Drake have a Romantic Sushi Date in Amsterdam, Meanwhile in Miami, Tio Pepe Tiene Una Cagalera del Carajo.

Pepe Billete Humor

                Rihanna and Drake were spotted yesterday in Amsterdam outside of a sushi restaurant metiendose mate and holding hands while a sea of paparazzi and fans swarmed them with cameras and adoration. The couple has been rumored to be involved romantically since February 27th when the two exchanged a series of ambiguously provocative …