Marquito El Caballo Social Commentary


 I’m honored que el tio mio would provide me with such a platform to express myself. On this forum I will be putting in my two cents on various topics within our society. Let me repeat, “TWO CENTS”, because that’s exactly what most of our opinions are worth at the end of the day. Yo ni te pago la renta, o te causo gritar el nombre de Jesus Cristo en el cuarto. Nevertheless, I have what I think many would consider, an “unorthodox perspective of life” that will hopefully provide you some insight, but should be entertaining at the least.


I want to start this thread by reaching out to my brethren, right here, in the 305. This is a topic that hits close to home with the majority of us, I’m sure, but is one of the least talked about things due to the false sense of power that it tends to give men. That, coupled up with the unfortunate fact that much of the male gender is in competition with one another when it comes to women, leaves us con una fritanga that ends up tasting like an insecure, untrustworthy, spiteful, conniving creature that many of you have probably encountered on your “boyfriend travels”. We bitch about a “prude girl” to our boys, we condemn a promiscuous girl in public gossip, and we’re quick to catch a domestic on that T.G.K. tip because you caught her in a lie. Yet, we fail to see what I believe to be the root of the problem. The men in this city need to leave la mentalidad de tarru and stop imposing on women what I like referring to as:




I would argue that outside of a business conversation (y teng cuidado), everytime you engage a woman in conversation that stretches out past the boundary of pleasantries, you are going to come across a few hurdles that are in direct relation to #ElComplejoDePuta. God forbid that the girl you just approached made out with a random at the club de la nota que tubo (pun intended) the week before, and had to face the music on the ride back home. Now you’re in a position where you would have to throw una muela de christiano renacido in order to get the attitude you want……..PERO WHY?! It could all be so simple.


Now before I continue, let me clarify that this only applies to single girls. Yo me cago en la madre of anyone who tries to hate on someone enjoying their life, just because they’re doing it in a different manner. Pero if you cheat on someone that embedded time, trust and emotion in you, man or woman, you deserve to be coerced into participating on an episode of “Corte de Familias” pa’ que el novio y el side tipo te caigan a simultaneous palos.


With that said, I want to continue with asking you a question. What does it solve? When you call a girl a whore, una puta, mut bucket, too friendly etc., what are you really accomplishing? Better put, why is this the route you’re agenda is taking you?! Why would anybody who likes to have their panetela and eat it too, refer to another panetela lover, as a panetela whore?! The answer is manipulation. This person clearly wants to have control of the panetela and make sure that no else gets their hands on that buttery little Entenmann’s loaf. If for one second you’re under the impression that a girl is going to stop pursuing what she wants on account of you making her feel like a whore, metete un tiro, cuz you’re more lost than Helen Keller in her early years. What you have in fact accomplished, is that the girl is  going to brush up on her lying and stealthing skills. We all know que cuando un huevo quiere sal, it’ll do what it has to for a smidgen. Granted, there are situations where people deliberately mislead others, and if you fall victim to one, I encourage you to charge it to the game, realize that the person isn’t worthy of your time, and move on. Going out of your way to make a girl feel like a whore, because she did something that in all honesty, most guys would probably do too, given the opportunity, is not only a waste of your energy, but you’re causing a chain reaction. That chain reaction is fueled by this complex of a girl being referred as a whore by her peers. This double standard that men have been playing off for quite some time now is, in my opinion, feudal. We no longer live in a time where women are not equal. Outside of physical strength, women are achieving just as much as men and the trend will only continue to grow. Do we really want these women to who are set on climbing the success ladder to do so, with a chip on their shoulder the size of Adele? Imagine a world where you can talk to a girl without having to bob and weave her insecurities that were built by some mook that has a hard time accepting that she wanted another guy, and in turn set out to make her feel like a whore for the sake of his false pride. Imagine being able to get the true colors out of a woman the first time you talk to her because she’s not worried that she’s going to be looked at like a whore if she expresses herself freely. This is a trait that sticks out like a sore thumb once you leave Miami. Girls are more emotionally sound in other parts of the country, and it’s for a reason. Granted, there are women that are naturally more conservative, and that’s fine……But sometimes, you want to goto a strip club that doesn’t require nipple pasties.

Unfortunately, the deeply rooted hispanic culture instilled in the majority of men in this city will more than likely hold us back from ever reaching such a common ground with the opposite sex. Nevertheless, maybe the next time you attempt calling a girl a whore, you’ll sit back and examine whether she’s REALLY a whore, or you’re just a hater because she wasn’t that “whore”, with you.