Khloe Kardashian Is Cuban

Pepe Billete Humor


I dont care want anyone says about Khloe Kardashian. To any red-blooded Cuban with a pair of testicles, Khloe esta buena con cojones! Kendall Jenner, who seems to be everyone’s paja mental lately, pales in comparison to this glorious example of una mujerona. Esta pa meterle una mordida. Forget it, if I get a hold of her, i’m wifing her up immediately. Free croquetas y bocaditos at versailles for all of Miami the day of our wedding.








Coño mami, tu con tantas curbas, y yo sin frenos… BAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  QUE CLASE DE CULO, CARAJO! #QueRicoMengKhloe-Kardashian-And-Kendall-Jenner-Go-To-A-Rick-Ross-Concert-In-Hollywood-06-450x675