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I think it’s only appropriate to make an entry the week that the Miami Heat regained the lead in the East. It’s always difficult being opinionated about a particular subject, when the subject at hand is in contention to be the best of it’s kind. As is the case with the Miami Heat.

“In this fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach”. -Lebron James


After uttering arguably one of the most anticipated answers in NBA history, the hate that has been spewed towards Lebron James and the rest of the Miami Heat has been relentless. From the desolate streets of Cleveland          where the disgruntled Cavalier’s owner, who was incapable of giving the best basketball player with a pulse the few tools he needed to win a title, to the streets of Miami where your typical New York Knicks fan is sitting over a “cup of cwafee” elaborating on the audacity that Lebron James had choosing to come be a part of the biggest powerhouse the league has ever seen.   THE.HATE.IS.REAL.   Mind you, the Knicks organization has been in shambles for the last 9 years while trying to create THEIR version of the big 3, and running through 5 head coaches in the mean time. We’re sorry that Pat Riley went and raped the league for 3 consecutive titles in L.A. as a coach, coined the phrase “3peat” after doing so, basically wiped his ass with his tenure at New York, and then decided to come live where you vacation like an ex-wife that just took you for your house and shih tzu  only to build the most prominent organization to date as an executive. Don’t be surprised if at the end of 2015, there’s a submission in the copyright department for “Quadzilla”. Needless to say, Riley is an undisputed beast amongst his critics, so I’ll go back to defending what I believe is going to be one of the few standing dynasties in sports.


An evening or two a month you’ll see the Heat lose to teams of a much lower caliber. Obviously, those who are not in tune with the dynamic of competitive sports can be misled by such a defeat. What most don’t understand is that to every team in the league, more so those teams who know they’re not going to clinch playoff berth yet again, a regular season game against the Miami Heat is like their championship. When Los Heat lose to scrubs like the Sacramento Kings, or the Utah Jazz, everybody becomes an overnight sports analyst. Either Bosh isn’t physical enough, Wade is getting old, Spoelstra doesn’t know what he’s doing, Lebron is going back to Cleveland or you got poisoning from the food on Carnival Cruise Lines. Those are just examples of what local haters say. If you turn on ESPN, every other caucasian clown with a 3” vertical is explaining how the Pacers are going to give the Heat a run for their money. And you’re fooling yourself if you think it will change after we win the 3rd title this season. Apparently, the Pacers themselves have been partaking in these forums and blogs full of unathletic, non-basketball playing critics, because right up until about 2 months ago, a few Indiana Pacers couldn’t stop stressing how home court advantage was the only reason they lost last season, and the primary reason why they will win this season. Grown ass professionals blaming a loss on home court advantage?! Sounds like the kid you used to whoop up in basketball who would blame all his missed shots on the wind that would coincidentally gust through on all his attempts.


More than 3 quarters into the season, the Pacers seem to have lost the wind they so confidently had in their sails, falling to second place behind the Heat in the Eastern Conference race with 3 consecutive losses. With one meeting left between both teams before the end of the regular season, the Pacers and Skip Bayless better start coming up with a better excuse than “home court advantage”. Thankfully, NBA games are played indoors.

Despite the constant criticism and shit talking, I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing #LosTresReyesNegros shoulder pressing that shiny Larry O’Brien at summation of the NBA Finals. Lebron will still be the best basketball player in the world, we will still be living in Wade County and Drake will write a song about the raptor that slipped away.