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Youtube’s Metamorphisis into un Mojon Con Pelo

Pepe Billete Social Commentary, Video

            Forbes put out an article today focusing on the impact Youtube’s new subscription based service will have on independent artists and content creators. My initial thoughts while reading the article, can be summarized in one very Cuban phrase “Se estan tirando el peo mas alto que el culo.” One of the most crucial lessons i’ve learned …

Rihanna and Drake on stage in Paris

Rihanna and Drake have a Romantic Sushi Date in Amsterdam, Meanwhile in Miami, Tio Pepe Tiene Una Cagalera del Carajo.

Pepe Billete Humor

                Rihanna and Drake were spotted yesterday in Amsterdam outside of a sushi restaurant metiendose mate and holding hands while a sea of paparazzi and fans swarmed them with cameras and adoration. The couple has been rumored to be involved romantically since February 27th when the two exchanged a series of ambiguously provocative …