Youtube’s Metamorphisis into un Mojon Con Pelo

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            Forbes put out an article today focusing on the impact Youtube’s new subscription based service will have on independent artists and content creators. My initial thoughts while reading the article, can be summarized in one very Cuban phrase “Se estan tirando el peo mas alto que el culo.” One of the most crucial lessons i’ve learned …

How To Be Un Bofe vol.1

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Justin Bieber was deposed yesterday here in Miami for the incident that occurred on the beach last… whenever. The thing about the case is that La Justin could have easily won most people back on his side if he had just turned down the “pesao” 2 or 3 notches while he was being deposed. Recently, GPS records were released showing that …

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Cubans and Venezuelans Need To Stand Together

Pepe Billete Social Commentary

  (Originally published in the Miami New Times on 2/22/14)   I’ve always hated the use of the word Latino in American mass media, because it’s a blanket term that describes a myriad of different cultures. It promotes generalities and dilutes many different cultures into one big stereotype, in the minds of non-Latinos and to me. There is nothing I am more …