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Youtube’s Metamorphisis into un Mojon Con Pelo

Pepe Billete Social Commentary, Video

            Forbes put out an article today focusing on the impact Youtube’s new subscription based service will have on independent artists and content creators. My initial thoughts while reading the article, can be summarized in one very Cuban phrase “Se estan tirando el peo mas alto que el culo.” One of the most crucial lessons i’ve learned …



Marquito El Caballo Sports

  #LosTresReyesMago I think it’s only appropriate to make an entry the week that the Miami Heat regained the lead in the East. It’s always difficult being opinionated about a particular subject, when the subject at hand is in contention to be the best of it’s kind. As is the case with the Miami Heat. “In this fall, I’m going …


The Lynching of Julio Robaina

Pepe Billete Social Commentary

In 1992 I fell in love con una jevita named Donita. She was a beautiful gringita with purple hair and no culo, who liked to play guitar and sing about shit I had little understanding about mostly because, at the time, I only had ESOL Level 2. Here’s a picture of me in ’92 after playing a show with my band Este Huevo Quiere Sal …