How To Be Un Bofe vol.1

Pepe Billete Humor

Justin Bieber was deposed yesterday here in Miami for the incident that occurred on the beach last… whenever. The thing about the case is that La Justin could have easily won most people back on his side if he had just turned down the “pesao” 2 or 3 notches while he was being deposed.

Recently, GPS records were released showing that La Bieber was actually NOT speeding when he was stopped that night on Miami Beach. The chances of a global superstar having such legitimate proof of police harassment is rare enough an occurrence, but even more unheard of are the cases where said victims of police harassment have acted like such an indomitable sack of shit, that you actually side with the harassers. With that I present to you the best of Justin Bieber’s deposition. The definitive guide on how to be un vomito in society.

Sadly, in his attempt to look rebellious and “cool” La Bieber manages to come off like a 14 year old girl that got her period just as her civics teacher asks her write the names of the three branches of government on the board. Maybe this was was his way of  relating to his fan base a little better and i’m just an asshole.

You be the judge…